Annoying Co Workers all this week on the big show!

November 12, 2009
Its Allysen here..and you don't want to miss out all this week...we will be dedicating 1 hr each show about the annoying people we all love to hate...those annoying co workers! This is going to be good! Watch out Dillon!! You don't want to miss it! Its all this week on Collision Course Radio!


Thanks To The Listeners And We Welcome You To The Show!

November 12, 2009
Its Dillon here, and thought I would send a shout out to all the new listeners and we hope you enjoy the just never know what Allysen will do next!!! Sorry Allysen...its always your! She will kill me for this....

This Week On Collision Course Radio

November 12, 2009
This week is the kick off of the show and Dillon and I are really excited to get this up and going! We have alot of new exciting stuff on deck for this weeks kick off. You as the listener will be able to check here for stuff coming up and stuff! Thanks for listening to collision course radio!

Allysen Hardcastle